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One of SOGHU's top priorities is the implementation of a network of Collection Facilities throughout Quebec, with specific objectives described in the agreement with RECYC-QUÉBEC. SOGHU will attempt to improve the existing network by enrolling Collection Facilities in areas with inadequate coverage.

In order to thank the Collection Facilities and to encourage them to increase their filter collections, SOGHU has implemented an ANNUAL PROMOTION on filters.  SOGHU will pay Collection Facilities subsidies (RIs) based on the amount of filters (by weight) collected by SOGHU registered Collectors. You can find the claim form and the details of this ANNUAL PROMOTION on the lower right of this page.

Thank you to garages and municipalities who registered as Collection Facilities and for offering this service FREE OF CHARGE to the public. We ask users to respect their hours and restrictions and to thank them for their contribution.

How to become a Collection Facility
If you are interested in becoming a Collection Facility and you deal with a SOGHU registered Collector, we encourage you to contact us for more information about the program and what benefits you can enjoy, including a one-time bonus of $100 and free publicity on our website! Your Collection Facility application form should be forwarded directly to the SOGHU by fax at 450-447-9988 once completed.

If you cannot open the attached files, please visit www.adobe.com to download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
01- Benefits of becoming a Collection Facility (68KB)

02- Collection Facility registration form

03- List of cities and zones (90KB)

04- Annual PROMOTION including the claim form

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